This is the Best Apartment Ever for Me

It did not take me long to find a place to live once I knew the general area of where I wanted to go. I simply did a search for quality south west Las Vegas apartments, and then I narrowed down my list by only looking at the ones within five miles of where I work. There are several in the area, so I knew that I would be able to find something decent at one of them. As soon as I started looking at the Spectrum Apartments, I knew that I was going to live there.

It was hard to not like everything they offer. I didn’t need anything big because it is just me. Sometimes my niece will stay over with me, but I was not going to get a two bedroom apartment just for that since it is maybe only six times a year. I would rather save the money on the difference in rent between a one and two bedroom unit and spend it on fun activities for the two of us. When I saw the layout for the unit that has one bedroom and one bathroom, it really was more than I could have expected.

First off, the master bedroom is huge. It has a large walk in closet, and the bathroom can be accessed from it. There is also a linen closet right before the bathroom door in my room. What really appealed to me about this was the bathroom also can be accessed from the other side, so no one would have to go into my bedroom if they had to use the bathroom. I like my privacy, so that was a huge selling point for me. There is also a covered patio as well as a small laundry room, making this the best apartment ever for me.