Our New Life in Nashville

I was so excited about moving to Nashville. I am a huge country music fan, and I was excited about going to the same places where a lot of them first started out. Thankfully, my husband makes a nice living with his job, so he doesn’t mind that I am a struggling songwriter. He encourages me to chase my dreams, which is exactly what I planned on doing now that we were heading to Nashville. The first thing I had to do though was look at apartments for rent in Nashville TN so we would have someplace to live when we got there.

It is just the two of us, but we still wanted a two bedroom apartment because I knew we would end up making a lot of friends, and I wanted a guest bedroom in case any of them stayed over. I also wanted to have the guest room available for his parents or mine for the times we both knew they would come down to visit us. There were a couple of different floor plans available for two bedroom apartments at the Melrose apartment complex on Franklin Pike.

It was easy to pick that complex out because it is just a few miles from where my husband will be working. It is also not far from a lot of the music places I want to visit and hopefully make a name for myself. For the times we are home together and can just relax, there are a lot of things to do right at the complex itself. We were able to get a great deal too because of an end of the year promotion the management team was having. We did not need the extra incentive to move there, but it sure was nice to take advantage of it anyway.