My Job and Family Are Both Very Important to Me

It is nice to no longer need to try to juggle all of my monthly bills or fall behind in paying them. That went on for too many more years than I would like to admit. So, switching gears to start doing property management full time stopped my continuous financial struggles. I do what every personal in this job career should do with keeping up with things in the industry such as reading a property management journal site often. I know people who don’t do the same, and they just do not do as well as I do. I get the upper hand by taking my job seriously. I want to continue to flourish.

My previous job decisions came about because I was married and had children with my husband. I did not work for many years because I wanted to stay home with our kids. That was really nice to do for our children’s sake, but it also put me behind many years with work and experience. Then, at some point, I realized that my kids were doing fine and soon reaching high school age. There was no need for me to stay at home every day anymore. Our home was certainly clean, but I knew that I could handle that on my own without spending all day doing it. When I announced that I wanted to go back to work, my husband preferred that I just work time. So, I got a retail job. Soon after, he divorced me. I had no experience to get a better job for awhile.

I worked my way up to the job I’m in now. It’s important that I do not lose focus. I may not need to be home every day with my children, but I need to make sure that I do well so that I can continuepaying the bills for all of us. It’s working out nicely. I will continue to move my way up the ranks.