Moving out on My Own

When my mom and dad decided to retire, they had a lot of decisions to make. One was what to do with the house we lived in, because they wanted to move further south. They told me that I could stay there, but that it would require maintenance plus the utility bills could get quite high because of how big the house was. I had no real ties to the area, and I certainly did not need a huge four bedroom house just for myself. I decided to look at apartments for rent in Colton California because while I needed to stay in the area because of my job, I didn’t need to stay in the house I was raised in.

The commute time to get to work was nearly 45 minutes just one way, so I definitely wanted to look for something that was a lot closer. The more I started to think about the hour and a half I could potentially save in drive time, the more excited I became with my search. I pinpointed my work location on a map, and I worked outwards to find a really nice apartment that is as close as it possibly can be.

When I saw The District, I knew that it was going to be my next home. I was not worried about passing a background check or a credit check, so I already started to make plans for my move since my parents were going to leave just as soon as the house sold, which was imminent. The apartment that I have now is two bedrooms and it has two bathrooms. I wanted my parents to have a place to stay should they want to come visit me throughout the year, plus I just really liked the layout of it too. I absolutely love living here, and my parents love staying here too!