I Had No Idea That I Would Be in the Growing Business One Day

I grew up when marijuana was not something that could be sold legally, but that has all changed in recent years. I always believed that it should be legalized because of the help that it gave my mom when she was really ill, but I never thought it would actually happen in my lifetime. Now that it has, I’m jumping in on growing and selling it. I met with an agent who sells marijuana real estate in California about six months ago, and things are going really well in my new business path. Who knew?

Mom was always such a healthy and happy woman. She has been my inspiration for all of my life. Many people look to celebrities simply because of the characters they play in TV shows and movies as people to be inspired by. But not me because I have a person in my own life who shows me what a wonderful person they are day after day in person. My mother has been someone who has worked selflessly for decades as a social worker who has seen a lot of rough things happen to her clients over the years. She also spend a lot of her free time volunteering at the local soup kitchen. I have seen her give every last bit of money in her wallet to people who have no shoes or even a warm coat.

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, it frustrated me that someone so giving and good could be struck with something so scary and horrible. She took it all in stride, but she did struggle with eating enough food. The treatment she was getting for cancer made it so that she had little appetite. And the appetite stimulants her doctors gave her were not working well. But luckily, pot is now legal in our state and that does a wonderful job of making people who use it very hungry. It works great for mom.