Finding New Apartments in Baltimore

Hunting for Canton Baltimore apartments can be an exhausting exercise. Even though I live on my own without the concern of a girlfriend or a family to make the decision an even more difficult one, I still find myself put into situations where I have to make a budget for myself. Am I going to be living so far from work that I’ll actually cut into into my savings thanks to gas? Am I going to be living in an area that has higher costs or am I going to get lucky and find a place that will actually let me save more money?

I’ve moved from one place to another only to discover that my monthly bills went up by $200 – that’s a lot of money for me! At times I find it easier to just find a roommate through Craigslist. If I want to live cheap, I find someone who is trying to rent out one of the spare rooms of their houses. Sometimes this can be a sweet deal if you’re lucky to find an owner who just wants to pocket some extra money and not actually become a land lord. I’ve done this twice; once while I was in college and the other more recently for a woman who wasn’t going to be in town often and wanted someone to be living in her place to take care of it.

This is the sort of thing that I wish I could make a business out of. It’d be a great way to make money while finding a place to live. A lot of home owners apparently commute quite a bit, going across multiple states even. This way I could always find a place to live without the concern of apartment hunting every other year when my lease is up.