Finding a Place Outside Baltimore

Finding Towson MD apartments for rent was a big part of our focus last year after we had a child and decided we couldn’t live in Baltimore anymore. Baltimore, no matter where you live, is not a safe city. It actually hasn’t been safe for a long time now, and it’s become worse due to the riots over the police. We just don’t feel safe living here anymore, and neither of us could see exposing our young child to the various ills plaguing this city. We needed a place just far enough way to escape the horrors, but still within commuting distance.

We looked at various places within the county and settled on Towson. It’s only about twelve miles away from the city, but far enough way to avoid most of the problems. I think a lot of Baltimore residences have moved into this city. I first heard about it from a fellow employee at work who suggested looking into the place because he moved his family there a year ago and they couldn’t be happier. So we looked closer online, did the research, and drove up and spent a day driving around the city seeing if it would be a good fit for us.

We both were cautiously optimistic that the living accommodations in Towson would be better than what we were then currently enduring in Baltimore. We found a very nice apartment complex that boasted a lot of amenities that would make living there a definite plus. Moreover, the cost of rent was very reasonable to our budget. What ultimately sold us on the place was its location to various shopping outlets as well as a school where we would end up sending our daughter. Living here is like a giant sigh of relief after weathering Baltimore. We couldn’t be happier.