Being Patient Has Helped Me to Get to Where I Am Now

My desk was right next to my boss’s office. So, I often heard different conversations that he had with other Executives at our company very easily. When I overheard him say that they were going to be looking for some new managers for the branch offices in a nearby city, I knew that was my chance to try to move up in the company. Just months later, I had to look for an apartment for rent in Oceanside CA and I could not be happier now about it all. I would say that my life was not all that great over the past ten years, but now things are looking up for me and changing for the better.

Working as the assistant to the CEO of the company for the past 15 years has been really nice. If helped give me the training that I needed in order to do the job that I’m doing now at another location. The only problem that I had at the office that I was working in is that no new management positions to came open in the past 5 years there. So I remained an assistant to the CEO so that I could continue to learn and then found myself hoping that one day a management position would open up for a long time. I figured that that wouldn’t happen anytime soon, but it did happen at our Oceanside office and I was lucky to ace my interview and land a management position.

I also never thought I would be living near the beach. I am two blocks away now, but because I am on the third floor, I can look out of my living room window and see the water. For far too many years my life seemed so stale with both my career and my personal life. But now, I have a wonderful job, a better salary and there are so many great people that I have met in my new city. I really enjoy walking outside and reaching the ocean after just a 4-minute walk.