A Nice Two Bedroom Apartment

My parents were not able to understand why I wanted to work. They come from a lot of money and have led pretty luxurious lives, but I wanted something more for me. Though I have an impressive bank account, I still have the need to do something that I feel is important. I went to college and got a degree in business administration, and I knew that I wanted to work in the nation’s capital. After graduation, I looked at apartments for rent in Washington DC, and I was very thankful that I did not have to be selective because of finances.

I did not want to have to live on the outskirts of DC like so many others have to, and I fully appreciated why I was able to do that. That is why I don’t judge my parents at all, because money does make life a lot easier. I definitely needed a two bedroom apartment because I knew that my parents would come to town often, especially once my mother saw all the unique shops in town. I did not want them to stay at a hotel when I have a perfectly nice apartment in a great location.

It is so close to everything, which is what makes living here even nicer. I don’t have to commute very far for anything, and the apartment is rather nice too. It has so many luxuries that are enjoyable, like the indoor heated swimming pool, the exquisite fitness center, the rooftop lounge areas complete with grills and so much more. The apartment is pretty great too, and even my parents enjoy staying there, which means a lot. They still don’t understand why I want to work, but I am just glad that they support me. They mean the world to me, and their opinion really does matter.