A Nice Studio Apartment in Atlanta

I was really happy to get a different job in Atlanta, but it did mean that I wanted to find a new place to live as well. Not only would I make more money at this new job, but I would also be about 40 minutes further away than where I was living. I was not willing to spend up to two hours a day in transit, which is why I went online and started looking at different places to live. When I saw the apartments available at Westside Provision District, I knew that I had found where I wanted to be.

I looked at the different floor plans, and I was really happy with what I saw with the one bathroom studio apartments. I never thought I would be happy with a studio apartment, but these are not like anything I would have imagined for a studio apartment either. I had looked at the different ones and liked the Diesel studio the best. There is actually a lot of space in it. I thought that a studio would be a living room combined with a kitchen and bedroom all in one, but there were actually different spaces for each one.

The kitchen is bigger than the one I had for years at my last apartment. There is plenty of cupboard space along with counter space too. The living room is next to it and is an impressive 11.5 by 17 foot room. The bathroom is next to that, and then a 10 by 10 room for me to sleep. Off of that is a small room for a washer and dryer, and there is room in there to store other things too. For the price, it just cannot be beat. I am really happy with both my new job and apartment, and I cannot wait to see what happens next in my life.