A New Apartment for My Sister and Me

When my sister told me that she was finally leaving her husband, I was so excited. She wanted to stay with me, and I thought that was good in a way, but not so good in another way. Her husband knew where I lived, and we were both worried about what he would do since he is very controlling. That is why I started looking at 2 bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg MS. I figured that he would not think to look a few towns over, and it would give both of us a fresh start.

I found a really nice apartment complex not too far from where we were both able to find new jobs. I was more concerned about the apartment than anything, because I wanted a really nice place for my sister to have her fresh start. It was imperative that we each have our own bedroom along with our own bathroom. We also wanted to be on the ground floor. Other than that, we didn’t have too many demands on what we wanted, and that is why Breckenridge Park Apartments were so appealing to both of us.

The rooms are really nice, and the location is amazing. Instead of looking out our windows and seeing other buildings, we see trees and sky. It is like having the best of both worlds, since we are so close to anything we could need, but we are remote enough to where we can enjoy nature too. It was very simple to fill out the application, and we were accepted almost immediately. We had the moving truck ready within days, and we even had a week to get used to our new living situation before we had to start our new jobs. Change can be scary, but it can also be exciting, which is how we are both looking at it!